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Non Contact Dispensing
Innovadyne Technologies, Inc. offers best-in-class liquid-handling instruments providing non-contact, high precision, large dynamic range (nanoliter to microliter) aspirate and dispense solutions to end users and leading lab automation companies worldwide. Our products serve the HTS, genomics and proteomics markets to enable miniaturized screening assays, bead and cell-based assays, protein crystallization screens, and low-volume genomic amplification protocols in 96, 384, 1536, and 3456 formats. Innovadyne’s products, featuring a valve-free fluid path, offer a robust and low-maintenance means of achieving assay volume reduction without compromising precision or accuracy.
Applications Include :  

High Throughput Screening
•  Assay Development
•  PCR / Sequencing
•  Bead Dispensing
•  Cell Dispensing
•  Protein Crystallography
•  Maldi
•  IC50s
•  Array Spotting
•  Medical Diagnostics
Leading the Way in High Precision Dispensing
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High Speed Photography of 100 nL Dispense (1000 frames/second)
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